Clients have great things to say!


“When our family started working with Lauren, our son was a non-verbal, 27 month old. She worked tirelessly with him and us to give us each different tools to help him find his words. We started with the basics, she applauded and pushed at every session and, today, one year later, our son speaks in full sentences. We are still working and learning with her as she cleverly navigates the world of our three year old to inspire and push him to the next level. Lauren has always been steadfast, professional and encouraging. We are forever grateful to her for the gift of speech.”


“My son had speech delays due to reversible hearing loss, and he started speech therapy just a few weeks after getting ear tubes. Lauren’s work with Josiah made an immediate impact. He went from only saying a handful of words to having an ever-growing vocabulary over the months they spent together.

“Lauren is incredibly skilled at helping children learn, even when they might initially be hesitant to engage. She is warm and outgoing, and she has an ability to tap into whatever approach will best help a child to develop his or her vocabulary. She was excellent at pushing Josiah to reach new milestones, and she helped me to understand her approach and how we could help reinforce the sessions at home.

“Before Lauren started working with Josiah, he was frustrated by his inability to communicate. Just a few months later, he began speaking freely and in full sentences. Lauren’s work with him not only gave him a vocabulary, it also helped him overcome the frustration that accompanied his inability to communicate.

“We’re so grateful for the time she invested in our son, and we know she’ll make an impact in the lives of future clients and their families.”